• Perspectives by Preshift
    Perspectives by Preshift
    Categoría: Profesiones
    4 Episodios
    Perspectives is a talk series where Drea, founder of Preshift, uses a regenerative lens to explore how we can improve our industry. You may not resonate with the entire conversation but the idea is to use this talk series as a base to explore the conversation further in your own communities. See more...
  • Table Talk by Preshift
    Table Talk by Preshift
    Categoría: Profesiones
    9 Episodios
    Preshift brings together people to explore the concept of regenerative hospitality so that we can co-create industry innovation, build thriving communities, and be part of the solution in reversing climate change. The hospitality industry is a living system, not a machine. And when we take responsibility for its health, we can unl See more...